Fill Your Bathroom With Luxurious Bath Accessories

We sell all-natural bath essentials

Your bathroom should be your favorite place to unwind and relax. After you fill it with all of your favorite soaps, lotions and bath bombs
from The Soap Gypsy, you can complete your home spa with our wide selection of bath accessories.

We sell:

Bath scrubbies
All-natural sea sponges
Shower shoes
Rubber duckies

Live in the lap of luxury with top-quality bath products and accessories from The Soap Gypsy. Place your order today-we serve Wilton, IA and the surrounding area.

Sea sponges are specially selected, all-natural sponges collected from sea beds around Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Did you know that sea sponges are a renewable resource? Well, they sure are!

When sponges are harvested, the root/base is never taken, allowing the sponge to re-grow! Unlike synthetic sponges and wash cloths, the 100% natural sea sponge naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria! They are also hypo-allergenic and biodegradable, while still being durable and long-lasting!

No bathing experience is complete without the added luxury of a sea sponge.
Sea Sponges at TSG are $9.95 each. They are a nice tub size sponge, averaging about 8" diameter.

Exfoliate naturally with our Sisal Soap Pouches

Exfoliate naturally with our Sisal Soap Pouches

The Soap Gypsy also sells sisal soap pouches. Our soap pouches are made from all-natural sisal, a cactus fiber that's perfect for exfoliating.

You can fill your soap pouch with your favorite soap from The Soap Gypsy. Just run it under warm water in the shower or bath, and watch our handmade soaps lather inside the sisal pouch. After your shower, just hang the soap sack and let it air dry naturally, helping to extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry when not in use.

Sisal Soap Sacks are $2.95 each.

Shower Shoes

$9.95 per pair

Rubber shower shoes from TSG have a non-slip sole to help avoid bathroom slips & falls!

Available in pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green and white.

Bath Puffs

$1.25 each

RussellAvailable in all colors

Rubber Duckies

$0.89 each


Exfoliating Bath Gloves

$1.95 each